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Looking to breathe life into your museum or educational site? Interpret This assists museums and historic sites of all sizes and budgets. We are proud to connect people to the natural and cultural resources in their area and to help children discover the wonders of education. Interpret This has worked with several clients including:

  • Historic Sites
  • Historic Homes
  • State Parks
  • Natural Parks
  • Local Conservation Areas
  • Museums
  • Aquariums
  • Zoos

Call our experts today for assistance with exhibits, brochures, or programs.

(720) 580-0032

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About Us

Interpret This is a group that is passionate about educational resources and institutions throughout the country. That's why we strive to connect people with natural and cultural exhibits offered in museums, zoos, nature centers, and historic sites throughout the US. Get in touch to build a program, recruit volunteers, and more.

Karin Hostetter is our head interpretive writer and trainer, as well as the owner of the company. She has been involved with interpretation for over 40 years, working in zoos, museums, and nature centers. Karin has an excellent ability to see exhibits, written interpretations, and programs from the perspective of the visitor. Her hope is that every visitor to a site feels a closer relationship to the place and resource and makes a meaningful connection to last a lifetime. Karin has her CIG, CIT, and CIGT, and she is a Master Trainer with the National Association for Interpretation.


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